Volume & Issue: Volume 9, Issue 2 - Serial Number 34, June 2024, Pages 9-118 
Development of a Health Literacy Promotion Program (HeLPP) to Promote Self-Care Behaviors and Quality of Life among Rural Patients with Type 2 Diabetes: Preliminary Results

Pages 40-54


Hakim Ahmadzadeh; Haleh Heizomi; Haidar Nadrian; Shayesteh Shirzadi; Kamyar Pirehbabi; Behrouz Fathi; Sarisa Najafi; leila Zhianfar; Towhid Babazadeh

Original Article

Relationship between the Level of Health Literacy, Diet Adherence and Dialysis Adequacy in Patients Undergoing Dialysis

Pages 106-118


Motahareh Musavi Ghahfarokhi; Hora Tartifizadeh; Hosna Tartifizadeh; Shorough Asakereh; Negin Eskandari; Mohammad Kogani