Keywords = Heart failure
Number of Articles: 4
1. The Relationship Between Health Literacy Level and Quality of Life in Heart Failure Patients

Volume 6, Issue 2, Summer 2021, Pages 61-68

Khadijeh Ahmadzadeh; Hossein Farshidi; Marzieh Nikparvar; Roghayeh Ezati-Rad; Masoomeh Mahmoodi

2. The effect of health literacy promotion through virtual education on the self-care behaviors in patients with heart failure: A Clinical Trial

Volume 6, Issue 1, Spring 2021, Pages 51-60

Maasoumeh Barkhordari-Sharifabad; Khadijeh Saberinejad; Khadijeh Nasiriani

3. Relationship Between Health Literacy and Self-Care in Heart Failure Patients

Volume 4, Issue 1, Spring 2019, Pages 18-24

Nasrin Rezaee; Maryam Seraji

4. Assessment of health literacy and self-care in heart failure patients

Volume 1, Issue 4, Winter 2017, Pages 203-219

Hassan Sheikh Sharafi; Bayaneh Seyed amini