Author = Hadi Tehrani
Number of Articles: 10
1. The Relationship between Mental Health Literacy and General Health in Female Adolescents

Volume 7, Issue 2, July 2022, Pages 77-85

Samira Olyani; Alireza Jafari; Hadi Tehrani

2. Perceived Threat and Stress Responses in The Face of Covid-19 based on Health Belief Model

Volume 7, Issue 1, April 2022, Pages 17-25

Fahimeh Pourhaji; Fatemeh Pourhaji; Hadi Tehrani; Mahdi Talebi; Nooshin Peyman

3. School-Based Mental Health Literacy Educational Interventions in Adolescents: A Systematic Review

Volume 6, Issue 2, September 2021, Pages 69-77

Samira Olyani; Mahdi Gholian Aval; Hadi Tehrani; Mehrosadat Mahdiadeh

4. women's health literacy and some related factors in Mashhad

Volume 5, Issue 4, March 2021, Pages 9-16

Maryam Khazaei; Hadi Tehrani; Mohammad Vahedian-Shahroodi; Habibullah Esmaily; Ali Taghipour

5. The Effect of an Education Intervention on Mental Health Literacy among Middle School Female Students

Volume 5, Issue 4, March 2021, Pages 41-47

Hadi Tehrani; Samira Olyani; Mitra Salimi

6. The Relationship between Postpartum Depression and Self-efficacy and Mental Health Literacy

Volume 5, Issue 1, June 2020, Pages 32-38

Zahra Zahmatkesh; Nooshin Peyman; Hadi Tehrani; Habibolah Esmaily

7. Relationship between health literacy and nutrition among middle-aged women

Volume 3, Issue 4, March 2019, Pages 9-15

toktam ahmadzadeh sani; Mohammad Vahedian-Shahroodi; Hadi Tehrani; Habiballah Esmaily

8. Health literacy and Its relationship with general health of women referring to health care centers

Volume 3, Issue 3, December 2018, Pages 191-198

Hadi Tehrani; Mahya Rahmani; Alireza Jafari

9. Media Health Literacy

Volume 1, Issue 3, December 2016, Pages 141-146

Hadi Tehrani

10. A review of studies in the field of knowledge and safe behaviors of workers in Iran

Volume 1, Issue 1, June 2016, Pages 25-38

Mohammad Vahedian-Shahroodi; Faeze Mohammadi; Hadi Tehrani